Aqua Daily Dairy Tuesday 21st Jan 2020


What a beautiful day we had today. There were a lot of activities set for the children to engage and explore in the Aqua space. Inside Archie was busy with trains, Eliza and Grace made their bed in the hallway and Holly and Lily were reading books with Silver. Our hairdresser Alejandra was doing Zoe’s hair, Harvey O and Adeline were waiting patiently for their turns.

Outside, Maksym was having fun climbing the tree. Climbing tree helps children to use their gross motor skills as well as cognitive skills as they assess what they can do and figure out a way to climb up and down.

At the group time we listened to many stories, Lily stood next to Tima and sang ‘wheels on the bus’. As Australia day is coming up we discussed about Australian animals. Lily said she likes Koala, Imri said he likes Kangaroo.

We were busy doing our learning centres, the children engaged in lots of activities.

They did some stamping with paints to celebrate Australia day, made lanterns to celebrate Lunar New Year by cutting with scissors and done some drawings.

The children who are transitioning from Emerald are doing really well, they love to explore new space, new friends and teachers. They were invited to participate in the small group times, it helps children to develop positive relationships between the children and teachers while they are interacting with others.

The bigger children who are transitioning from Aqua to Crimson, they are also settling very well, they love being in the Crimson area especially the yard.

What a busy day in Aqua!

Please don’t forget to bring labelled hat and water bottle. 😊

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