It’s Tuesday! It’s been another busy day for the children in the Emerald room!

We’ve had some lovely group times chatting about the Chinese New Year and welcoming our friends! Our yoga session today was with Liza and the children all had so much fun practicing their gross motor movements 🙂

For our Chinese New Year crafts we created some fabulous red spiral dragons from paper plates! The children were encouraged to paint with their hands as the paint had sand in it today, giving it a different texture.

We also painted some cute little rats, seeing as this Lunar Year is the Year of the Rat. We’ve all had so much fun during these sensory activities!

The children have been very helpful watering the plants today…

We’ve explored the sand pit, our outdoor environment, building with the blocks and solving different puzzles!

We don’t have any photos of our children transitioning into Aqua today. It turns out they don’t need us anymore!

But we do have this photo…

We’re thinking a September wedding?


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