Aqua Daily Diary 22nd January 2020


Happy hump day everyone, it was another busy day in Aqua!

In the morning children had a chance to look after our guinea pig ‘Marshmallow’ with Liza, they gently patted it with their little hands. Oscar W was busy at the sandpit with the shovel, Finn K and Teos were busy keeping their cubby house. Edward had fun time with dramatic play with the lion and red car, Julyanna and Jeffery joined Edward later on.

The highlight of the day! At the group time we talked about Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is the beginning of a calendar year whose months are cycles of the moon. Many known this as Chinese New Year, however there are many other Asian countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year. This year it’s this Saturday 25th January! To introduce and celebrate Lunar New Year, Stacie wore Korean traditional clothing and shoes and Silver brought Korean traditional games to play with the children. We listened about this special day and had a chance to play the game Ýut nol ee’. The children had opportunities to extend their knowledge about other cultures and to respect.

At learning centre, the children continued to learn about numbers. Some children can recognise the numbers and able to count what they see. Some children made Chinese envelops to celebrate Lunar New Year while others continued with painting to celebrate Australia day!

At resting time, children had calm moment doing Yoga with Liza.

The children continue to transition into their new classes, the children already are already settling very well. They love being in the new space, follow their interests to explore. Well done for being so brave everybody.

What a fun day we had at Aqua.

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