Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s been a warm day, but we’ve had a lot of fun in our indoor and outdoor environments.

This morning we began our day with a welcome song and group time! The children love to participate in group time where they read stories, sing songs and play games! It is a wonderful time spent with our educators, learning, listening and socialising.

The children have had so much fun doing yoga with Ekta and Sara today! They practiced their animal poses and really warmed up their bodies for their day! We love yoga, it’s a fantastic way to promote physical development!

The children have really enjoyed learning all about the upcoming Chinese New Year from their educators. Jasmine, Cindy and MeiTing love sharing their history and culture with the children, through songs, stories and art!

Today we continued painting cute little rats to celebrate the year of the rat…

We’ve decorated lucky red pockets with gold paint and we’ve painted and stuck on the ‘scales’ of some lovely fish! The fish symbolise a year of prosperity!

Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous displays when you come to collect your child!

The children have also enjoyed playing with puzzles, blocks, musical instruments and reading books!

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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