Aqua Daily Diary 23rd January 2020


Happy Thursday, everyone!


Welcome back to another great day in Aqua!


As we all know it is still transitioning time in the room. Our big Aqua children eagerly lining up to enjoy another lovely day in Crimson and the new Aqua children exploring the room are what is on!

We also introduced our Aqua mascot, Popcorn! Children loved to meet our little guy and get to know a little bit about its habitat. Some even tried to draw a new house for it.

For our learning centre, we read stories and worked on some numbers. In English and Spanish. Maison and Edward truly enjoyed the experience. Well done, guys!

And of course, children were free to use their imagination and creativity during free play. For instance, Viraj and Arda playing in a band to the sound of “let it go”.

Great day today!!




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