It’s Thursday today and it’s very warm!

We’ve kept ourselves very busy with more fun activities and stayed inside in the aircon for the most of the day!

Our group times today were so much fun. The children all practiced their fantastic listening and concentration skills while we read stories and sang songs. We’ve had a lot to talk about with this upcoming weekend – Australia Day and the Chinese New Year!

Our yoga sessions are a part of our daily routine and the children love it! It’s great for physical development, coordination and balance. The children know the routine now better than we do!

The children love the song we sing about 5 little monkeys and a very hungry crocodile! So today we painted our feet to make a fun picture! It was so tickly and some of the children enjoyed the sensation and some didn’t quite know what to do!

We’ve also made some delightful Australian wattle flowers with tissue paper and real grass! The children had so much fun gluing and sticking and working on their fine motor skills!

The rest of our day was spent cooling off inside, playing with water, musical instruments, cars and the outdoor equipment!

We snuck someone into Aqua to take a few photos for us! It’s great to see our children having so much fun!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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