Aqua Daily Diary 24th January 2020

Happy Friday, everyone!

After a scorcher yesterday, it’s a bit cooler today it is just what we needed.

Welcome back to another great day in Aqua!

As it is still transitioning time, children are still coming and going to explore and get used to the new rooms. They feel like big boys and big girls now.

Some children were excited to play with water puddles and paint dinosaurs using brushes and water. Some preferred to stay inside and play with the magnets. Daniel built a rocket ship, while Imri tried to build a castle. What’s more, all children loved to participate in the dancing and catchy Australian version of the song “if you’re happy and you know it”. Doing the animals’ moves is great for their body and rhythm development.

Besides having cognitive, fine motor and gross motor activities. We had a special one today. We also made Fairy Bread sandwiches to celebrate Australia Day!! They showed a lot of enthusiasm when decorating the sandwiches, even more enthusiasm when eating them.

What a lovely day today!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe long weekend!  See you Tuesday!

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