Aqua Daily Diary 28th January 2020

Welcome to Aqua room children!

Today is the day! We would like to welcome all the children and families who have transitioned from Emerald and those who are new to Aqua room 😊 and of course all the children who were in Aqua room from last year!

It was another busy day at Aqua, inside Adeline and Elise were settling babies while Isla and Edward were drawing on the paper. Outside Charlie, Henry and Ivaan were busy at the sandpit playing with the trucks and shovels. Arda spent morning time playing with the trucks.

Our new friend Archer had fun time reading a story about ‘wheels on the bus’ with other children. Georgia, Isla, Holly, Elise and Edward were reading books with Silver.

At learning centre children were provided with paints, thick brushes and white paper to paint. Elaria painted rainbow for mum, Alexia painted rainbow with mum and dad, James painted lion with a tail, Oscar W painted lion and Isaac said ‘painting’. They developed their creativity and sensory skills while they were painting.

Henry, Ivaan and Holly extended their gross motor skills by walking on the balance beam and jumping from its end. They took turns and waited for other children to finish their course, well done!

Some children enjoyed making playdough, each of us took turns to put all ingredients together in the bowl.

 What a fun day at Aqua!

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