During Gail’s group time, we listened to the story “Wombat Stew.” We took turns drawing on the white board about what we would put in our own Wombat Stew. Then, we enjoyed playing with Australian animals on the sensory table.

During Helena’s group time, we did some still life drawing using the Australian animals as our inspiration. We used textas and coloured pencils in order to complete our project.

We also did some Chinese New Years themed counting today. We used the tongs to count different items as we took them out of the bowls.

We have expressed interest in dinosaurs so we made some dinosaur crafts with Soni. We showed our ability to focus and our fine motor skills as we completed the projects.

Amanda invited one of our Learning Centre groups next door to 59. We made rats to celebrate Chinese New Year. We also listened to the story Elmer and the Whales. We then had a chance to create our own Elmers or other characters from the story.

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