We’ve started our week this week on a Tuesday! We hope everyone had a lovely weekend celebrating Australia day and the Chinese New Year!

We’ve had another lovely day playing, learning and exploring. This morning during group time, MeiTing read the children a book about Chinese culture and celebrations! Then the children participated in a grueling yoga session, practicing gross motor movements, balance and coordination!

This week we will be continuing the Chinese New Year theme, where the children will learn about Chinese culture and traditions through books, music and arts and craft!

Today the children used a cylindrical block to stamp orange paint onto paper to recreate a cumquat tree! Cumquat trees in Chinese culture symbolise good luck! The children had a lot of fun stamping and then sticking leaves onto their tree!

We have also been painting and sticking onto paper plate to create beautiful fans! What fun, and very beneficial for our motor skills!


We’ve also been playing with the farm animals today, singing ‘Old MacDonald’ and making animal noises together!

The children have been very helpful today – watering the plants, looking after Marshmallow and patting babies to sleep …


See you tomorrow 🙂

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