Welcome back to Wednesday!

The children have had a lovely day! We have spent time inside and outside, enjoying playing with our friends and educators and learning lots!

Of course we’ve started our day with group time and yoga! The children are enjoying learning all about Chinese New Year through reading books at group time.

During yoga the children show off the poses they have been learning!

Today we made blossom trees by dipping the bottom of a water bottle into pink paint and stamping it onto the paper. When these had dried, the children were able to use brown crayon to draw the branches! Well done everyone 🙂

We’ve also practiced our fine motor skills through gluing and sticking to create a lovely Chinese drum! We couldn’t decide what colour, so the children helped us to pick a fabulous green colour to decorate our drums!

The children really enjoyed a music session today! We sat together and played our musical instruments and drums, following our Bonker’s Beat programme. This helps the children to understand rhythm and practice hand-eye coordination!

The children always have so much fun exploring in Emerald!

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