Aqua Daily Diary 28th January 2020


Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Today Leo, Daisy and Adeline started their morning feeding and watching Popcorn the fish. They laughed when popcorn came close to the top and Adeline said ‘’He is saying Hello to us’’.

Dancing is very popular this past month in Aqua. The children request many different songs to dance and sing to, their favourite been ‘’Let it Go’’. They move their bodies to the rhythm and remember the words as they sing along.

Evan and Elaira had so much fun playing in the kitchen area. It was beautiful to watch them interact together as they played pretend. They were cooking and feeding the baby. James and Ivaan also had fun at the kitchen area.

All the Aqua group greet each other each morning on the mat, we sing Hello in different language. We are getting to know our new friends who have joined us from Emerald. The children are amazing and happily settling well.

Group times were full with lots of activities. In Stacie’s group the children used fine motor skills and also they started to recognise shapes. Alejandra’s group made their very own Kola, they used glue to stick their eyes and nose recognising body parts.

Have a lovely Wednesday Aqua!!

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