Today, we loved listening to the story “We’re Going on a Croc Hunt.” Afterwards, we acted out our own crocodile hunt with Helena all throughout the yard. We were so creative in connecting different features of the yard to the story we had just listened too.

We challenged our fine motor skills with Farzana as we used the tongs to search for the Australian animals in the sand tray. We were so proud when we found even the smallest of creatures!

With Soni, we continued on with our Dinosaur theme and made dinosaurs out of handprints. We liked talking about our favourite dinosuars as we added the details to them!

With Rosanna, we made some Chinese New Year themed Play Dough. We made yellow playdough and added in red glitter!

Amanda showed us some different words written in Chinese. We were then invited to paint some of the words we saw and made our own frame to go around them.

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