We were very excited to have science today with Justin and Shane! We listened to the story “Mr. Archimedies’ Bath” as we were introduced to the concepts of volume and how it impacts the levels of water in this story! We then were invited to perform our own experiments using water in cups. We used marbles to act like the characters in the story and how more “characters” added to the “bath” would cause the water to over flow!

We also had a great time on extending on our dinosaur project with Soni today as we made dinosaur out of our footprints. There was a lot of giggles as we painted our feet that were very ticklish!

We continued painting more words in Chinese with Amanda and making our frames for the display in 59. We also were very excited to build different shapes out of the playdough like donuts and flowers!

With Gail, we did colour matching of shells and used the tongs to get them out of the water!

We also loved being in the sandpit, dancing with dress ups, and playing with the Australian animals!

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