Happy Thursday! We’ve all been so busy today! Lots to learn and lots to explore 🙂

The day started with fun group times with MeiTing and Robyn! Together we welcomed our friends to the day ahead of us and read stories about Chinese culture and a very cranky bear. We also sang our favourite songs before starting yoga.

Today in yoga we practiced our butterfly pose! The children sit with the soles of their feet together and flap, flap, flap their legs like wings! This was so much fun and a great way to promote physical development through gross motor movements!

Our craft continued on from Wednesday as the children had so much fun stamping the bottle to make blossom trees and gluing and sticking paper to make a beautiful Chinese drum!

Well done everyone!

Thursdays are for Book Club!

The children have had a lot of fun reading together today! They relaxed inside on the sofa and explored the books!

Today the children have enjoyed the home corner, the cubby house, the sand pit and the outdoor equipment!

What a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂

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