Aqua Daily Diary 31st January 2020


Happy Friday, everyone!


Welcome back to another great day in Aqua!

Today during outdoor play the Aqua group children formed new friendships, building houses with lego, pushing all sorts of vehicles and developed their colour recognition skills together.

At the group time we sang wheels on the bus, five cheeky monkeys and many other songs, the children enjoyed singing and doing actions together.

Then we continued to make Koala please check out their artworks on the wall. They were so proud of their Koala. Some children extended their creativity by making Korean traditional accessories, another group of children made echidna with tree branches and others developed their gross motor skills by completing obstacle course. Well done children.

The children also enjoyed reading a story called ‘The Wonky Donkey’ by Craig Smith. This book has been very popular this month with the children.

What a fun day at Aqua!

We hope you stay safe and cool this weekend, have a great weekend.

Please don’t forget to bring labelled bottle and hat next week.


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