It’s Friday! We’ve made it through another week and another month!

Today has been a very fun day! The children have all had so much fun learning, playing, exploring and laughing!

We started our fun Friday with group time! We read stories, played games and sang lots of songs. We also played with Jasmine’s dragon puppet and danced around the room, what fun!


Everyone loves yoga! This week we’ve been working on our butterfly pose and the children were excited to show off their skills today.

Starting our day with yoga and meditation really gets the children focused, listening and promoting gross motor skills! Well done everyone 🙂

We got crafty with some paper and glue today! We made trees! They look fantastic and the children had so much fun pasting the glue onto the paper and sticking the shapes down to create a tree!

Today was warm! So we cooled off with some water play! It’s so much fun to paint with water and make marks on the deck!

The children have had a great time exploring the home corner, the outdoor equipment, playing with trains and musical instruments too!

Has anyone seen my shoes …?


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