Today, we started working on learning about healthy eating and bodies. We talked about different types of food that we can eat that are good for us. We also loved making a beach scene out of paint and sand.

We did a variety of building with the Potato Heads, Mobilo, and wooden blocks. We showed the ability to do these activities with a group as well as in an individual manner.

During our time next door, we continued making our dragons. We have loved adding our own colours to make up the body for the dragon and naming them. We also liked playing in the Home Corner as well as building with Playdough. Rueben and Harvey made some lovely drawings of their families.

We worked on some letter recognition as well. We traced letters and talked about the words that started with that particular letter.

Once the weather cleared up, we enjoyed some meditation outside. Afterwards, we played soccer, did climbing in the trees and spider web.

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