Welcome back to the start of another week in Emerald, and the start of a new month! February is here 🙂

We’ve kept ourselves nice and busy and out of the rain this morning, with fun activities! This morning we spent time socialising and communicating during group time – we sang songs, read stories and encouraged speech and language!

Don’t worry! Yoga wasn’t cancelled because of the rain! We practiced our gross motor movements through different yoga poses under cover! The children love to start their day exercising their body and mind through yoga!

With the much needed rain this morning, we took our balance beam inside and played a game of ‘Cheeky Monkey’ where the children used the balance beam to escape the ferocious crocodile and try not to get eaten! We all had so much fun climbing on the beam and jumping off.

This was a fun game to encourage gross motor skills, balance and coordination!

Today we have also, built towers from blocks, read stories, played in the home corner and showed off our fantastic dance moves!

Thank you for such a fun start to the week everyone! 🙂


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