Aqua Daily Diary 3rd February 2020

Happy Rainy Monday everyone. Today the children spent time indoors as the rain stopped us for playing in the garden. There was lots exploring happening in the room, we have a new friend called Beatrice and she is settling very well. She already has became friendly with Lily and they played in the home corner with the dolls. They used their language skills and communicated to each other about what they were feeding their babies with and that they would pat them to sleep. Charlie and Henry also had some pretend play in the kitchen area. They played with the bags and the dolls also.

‘’Pretend Play promotes social skills and helps the children use their creativity and imagination’’.

Hamish and James made some puzzles with the help of their Teacher Silver. While Archie and Leo played with the fire station and fire trucks.

At learning centre time the children were so busy, with Silver they read some stories on the mat all the time promoting their language skills as they listen to the story. Donna and her group painted with green paint to make the leaves for our Family tree. Louise made some lovely hearts collages with Beatrice, Levi W, Oscar and Ivana. Maria made handprints with the children and Julie’s group painted some clothes onto their figures using hand and eye coordination.

Outside when the rain was gone some children were developing their physical skills with Nelson. Archer, Isabelle, Elaria and Leo used their large muscles as well as hand and eye coordination skills to run and place the right colour in the cone. This activity also helped the children with recognizing the different colours. Red, Yellow and Blue.

What a Fun Monday but also  special Monday as we wish Hamish a big Happy 2nd Birthday.


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