It’s Friday! The end of another week in Emerald room and another rainy day!

But we’ve made the most of it with lots of fun activities!

We love our group times! The children love to sit together and play games, listen to stories and sing songs! It’s such a lovely time of the day where the children can focus, listen and engage.

We practiced our yoga today! A small session where we showed off the poses we’ve been learning this month – the butterfly and the dog! Well done everyone 🙂

To continue with our farm animal theme, today we played with some pigs! First we rescued them from being stuck on the floor! And then we used the pigs to make muddy footprints because pigs love mud!

Today we talked about chickens! And we’ve painted some cute little chicks! The children loved painting their chicks a bright yellow and sticking on their beaks!

There’s nothing better to do on a rainy day … the children love dancing! Fun for physical development and encourages speech and language!

But other than that … we’ve been reading, playing with blocks, posting straws through the holes and making beautiful music with the instruments! Such a lovely day 🙂

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