Aqua Daily Diary 12th February 2020


Welcome back to another fun day in Aqua room!

The book of the month is ‘In my heart’ written by Jo Witek, we are focusing on our feelings, shape and colour of ‘LOVE’ with the children. James said his love is Green, Lily said pink and purple because she likes them, Arda said it’s yellow.

After a group time we continued to work on Valentine’s day craft doing marble painting, brush painting and paper and cellophane.

Group of children focused on their fine motor skill outside, they used tong to transfer ball into a plate.

The Aqua supermarket was a hit of the day, Arda was selling a bottle of water at $39! We enjoyed pretended play using real life props, the children developed their mathematical concepts and imagination.


Transportation is always popular in Aqua room.

Our children are looking after our pet Popcorn and we extended our interests by reading a book about ‘the things I love about pets’ by Tracey Moroney.


Elise, Isabelle and Evan had so much fun with sensory box, later Ivaan, James, Billy and Imri have joined them.         

Today group of children went to Crimson yard, exploring the new environment and they developed their gross motor skills, they had a chance to observe guinea pigs Sun and Star. The children also enjoyed going on the bus Aaeesha was the driver and she was taking children to a holiday.

What a fun day at Aqua!


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