Today, we spent our rainy morning inside the room where children engaged self-selected activities. Levi enjoyed making star from magnetic connectors; activity promotes children’s cognition by allowing children to create new things from their imagination. Whilst Shona indulged herself in picking up poms poms with tongs promoting their fine motor skills, concentration and hand eye coordination.

Also, some of our children pretended being astronauts and pretended controlling Rocket ship whereas our children formed a small music band where they sang wheels on the bus together, played guitar and piano acknowledging them about rhythm, tempo and speed. This enhances children’s social skills, language and their speech.

Learning center.

We had a group time with Stacie and Tima followed by activities. Isla and Mason spent great time signing Baa Baa Black Sheep with all our aqua friends and also we read story about What I Think About My Pet.


With Liza, children discussed about pets and taking care of them. We fed our pet Marshmallow (Guinea pig). Children enjoyed feeding Marshmallow and cuddled her with their gentle hands. They watched Marshmallow play, run and also eat. Adeline, Arda,Evan, Lilly, Jeffrey and Jake enjoyed feeding marshmallow. Adeline further added that we must provide her some water to drink at hot time. The activity promotes children emotional and social development by encouraging them to take care of both people and animals.

With Tima, children enjoyed making love hearts for Valentines Day to their family. They did stick hearts using glue promoting their fine motor skills and were also taught about how we can love our family and express them.


What a fun day at Aqua!


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