Thursday is here! The children have had another fun day together learning new things and playing.

Our usual morning routine was so much fun! In group time we talked about Valentine’s Day and all the people in our lives that we love … my mummies and daddies! We read the ‘Green Sheep’ and sang lots of songs before our yoga session!

During yoga everyone was really excited to show off their dog poses to the children over the fence in Aqua! We worked on our gross motor movements and stretched up high, to the side and down low! The children are really great at following these simple instructions and copying movements. They remember so much as well! We love yoga, as it promotes physical development!

Today we made some more colourful hearts with glittery paint using a cotton ball and a peg! The children used the peg to pinch the cotton ball and then dab the paint onto their little hearts! Later we will make these little hearts into fun Valentine’s tiaras and crowns to use at our Valentine’s Day afternoon tea tomorrow! How fun 🙂

We’ve worked on our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by poking lollipop sticks into egg cartons and building tall towers with the wooden blocks …

But other than that … the children have had a lovely day playing musical instruments, exploring the outdoor environment, checking on Marshmallow, drawing pictures, building with different types of blocks and jumping off of the balance beam!! What a busy day!

See you tomorrow 🙂


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