Happy Tuesday! And what a busy day we’ve had! Group time, yoga, a super fun incursion, painting, dancing … the list goes on and I’m already exhausted!

The children participated in lots of group times today where we enjoyed our favourite books, sang songs and talked about the day ahead. Group time is a great way to encourage focus and listening skills, as well as speech and language development!

During yoga today, we continued to practice our new cow pose! Lot’s of mooing and giggles, but the children love to try to copy different poses. We love our yoga sessions as they allow the children to enhance their physical development, balance and coordination in a fun and exciting way!

We had a very special visit from our friend Jonas from Ghana today! He came with his African drums and his story telling magic to play music, sing songs and get the children dancing! Our Emerald children were very excited to listen to Jonas play the drums and tell stories about Africa. They sat and listened, got up and danced and even tried to play some of Jonas’ instruments!

Well done everyone for joining in! Everyone had so much fun … especially Amelia 🙂

Back in the Emerald room after the incursion, we got crafty with some sunflower artwork! The children used toilet rolls to stamp and create beautiful sunflowers! It was a lot of fun and great for fine motor skills!


We’ve enjoyed working on our gross motor skills today too! The children did yoga in the morning, dancing and drumming with Jonas and then we brought the dance party back to Emerald!! We also had a great time with the chalk outside, drawing shapes and hopscotch to jump in and out of!


Goodness me, what a busy day! But that’s not it … we played with an ‘under the sea’ sensory tray, splashed in some water, explored the garden and played with cars!

Phew! See you tomorrow 🙂

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