We had a great time during science today! We listened to the story “Who Sank The Boat” and engaged in hands on learning of sinking our own boats. We used marbles, wooden blocks, and gems in tubs of water.

In 59, we did some drawings of things like lizards, hamsters, and flowers. We identified the shapes we used to make them. This helps to build our confidence in our shape drawing skills.

With Farzana, we worked on expressing our emotions! We had different boxes with emotions on them and we talked about different experiences that caused us to feel that way!

We continued on with our farm project with Soni, today we made cows! We have been loving acting out the different animals as well.

With Helena, we have been enjoying making our own shapes as we follow along the different patterns.

The trains were very popular today. We showed great turn taking as we played together.

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