Thursday is here! Another week is almost finished and we’ve had a fantastic day filled with fun gross motor activities!

The children always look forward to our morning group time! They ask for their favourite books and songs and together we talk about the day ahead of us!

Group time is then followed by yoga and the children love to help set up the yoga mats ready to go! We’ve been practicing our tree, dog and butterfly poses all month and this week we’ve been working on our cows … there was lots of mooing!

The children have had a great time exercising their gross motor skills and enhancing their physical development through fun activities.

Today we made a track on the grass to encourage the children to walk, run or crawl between the lines that led to the slide! The children enjoyed moving through the track in different ways.

Another activity the children enjoyed today was passing the colourful balls through the tubes! The children were encouraged to reach up high to post the balls through the tube and watch as it came out the other end!

Of course we’ve done lots of dancing, drawing, making music, water play, puzzles … the list goes on!

Della and Molly found a very fluffy feather! They loved the way it felt on their skin! 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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