Aqua Daily Diary 25th February 2020


Welcome back to Aqua room everyone!

Today we continued to discuss about the planets in Space. We counted 8 planets and listened to stories about them. When we were talking about how Mercury is very hot and can burn our bum, Ivaan said we’ll need to call the fire engine and Adeline and Elaria said then we’ll need to go to the doctor.

After the group time some children went to the Crimson yard where they used their big muscles to balance, swing, jump and run around the yard.

Some children loved watching animals.

Lily and Shona enjoyed drawing on a chalk board, Imri, Elaria and Edward hop on the bus to go around the town.

Shona and Edward made houses with blocks, building helps children’s problem solving skills, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Over in Aqua yard, children did some amazing paintings of Space using paint and sponge brushes.

Arda and Viraj had fun time at the cubby house selling coffees.

In the Aqua garden we planted some seeds and children have been watering them. They were enthusiastic to spray water, now we are ready to watch it grow! The children will learn what the garden needs to grow and be responsible for taking care of it each day.

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.

What a fun filled day at Aqua room!


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