Aqua Daily Diary 26th February 2020


Happy hump day everyone!

It’s been another busy and fun day at Aqua.

The children loved listening to the felt board stories Lily, Charlotte and Shona came up and helped Alejandra. They enjoyed singing and doing the actions with increased interest.

With Tima’s group children continued talk about Space, Adeline and Imri drew the sun on the white board and said the sun is a big ball of fire.

With Donna’s group children listened to a story about who lives in the sea.

After the group time some children went outside with Liza and did some yoga. Yoga is a good way to develop their flexibility, strength, coordination and special awareness.

In the Aqua yard the children had lots of fun.

Some group of children went to the Crimson yard, they enjoyed sitting on the bus. Alejandra and Adeline fed the chicken. Some children enjoyed demonstrating their gross motor skills.


Hit of the day! To extend the children’s interest about Space Tima made Space sand. The children really enjoyed filling and pouring it using glitter cups.

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