Aqua Daily Diary 28th February 2020


Happy Friday everyone, it was another busy day at Aqua.


This morning Charlotte, Lily and Adeline made a house with lots of cushions and played mummy, daddy and baby.

The children continued to show their interests about Space. Adeline said she is on a rocket ship going on the Moon and pink planet, Charlotte said my rocket ship is going to the purple and pink planet. Edward said the rocket is going to the airport and then he is going on a holiday. Lily said in my rocket ship with my mummy, daddy and Henry going the earth.

Outside Isla explored the sea animals.

Poppy demonstrated her gross motor skills on the bike. Poppy also enjoyed developing her fine motor skill with magnetic shapes.

Isaac enjoyed playing with a garbage truck. He observed it sliding down from the balance beam experimenting gravity.

Edward, Poppy, Isla and Isabella enjoyed reading Liza’s book about friends. The children in the Aqua room is learning about how to be nice and kind to each other.


At the group time the children listened to Liza’s story with increased interest.

Imri and Aaeesha built a rocket ship using wooden blocks. Then they blast off to the moon and collected some moon rocks using gloves. We counted how many rocks we collected!


Our new friend Freya had fun time with slime and glitter stick watching it fall with Harvey. Welcome to Aqua room Freya.

Isla welcomed Freya by giving her kisses. She also enjoyed sensory play with Liza.

With Nelson’s group children enjoyed colour sorting race, it helps children to recognize the colours and being able to verbalise it.


The children enjoyed sensory play outside with coloured rice and shells. 

‘Play is the work of childhood’ by Jean Piaget


Enjoy your weekend!

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