Tuesday is here and we’ve been very busy with different activities indoors and outdoors!

This morning the children loved their group times, we read new books and our old favourites, played with Cindy’s sensory toy box and talked about healthy fruit and vegetables! Yum

Our daily yoga session was a big success and everyone joined in! We practiced our animal and tree poses that encourage gross motor movement, perfect for physical development, balance and coordination.

Continuing our reading about healthy fruit and vegetables, the children were invited to create their own healthy eating plate! The children enjoyed looking at cut outs of different foods and pasting them onto their plate!

We also practiced colour matching today! The children love to play with the coloured bean bags and match them with the correct colours! This game is always so much fun. The children also like to throw the bean bags and balance them on their heads!

Today we have played in the sand pit, built towers with wooden blocks, played in the home corner, climbed the equipment outside and danced to so many songs!

Thanks for a great day! See you tomorrow 🙂


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