This morning some of the children in Crimson participated in yoga, they stretch their bodies to complete a number of poses.  They were also responsible for packing up and putting away their mats. Harvey also found another use for his mat.

Many of the children have shown an interest in our map which also identifies countries by animals and famous landmarks. This week we have been looking at Canada and the Niagara fall (Rainbow Falls).

They will often look at the map and discuss different counties. Today Frederick was interest in the country his father was from and then thought he might like to see polar bears and igloos. Silvan was finding his country, Switzerland, and Zoe too used the magnifying glasses to look at other countries. Some of the children also looked through the flap and information book on continents. Oscar was very excited to find ‘the Rainbow Falls/Niagara Falls’.

We have also completed rainbow puzzles and explored the concept of size and shape. We have painted rainbows, gluing coloured crepe paper to represent the colours of the rainbow. (these soon became jelly fish- rainbow jelly fish).

Children were also invited to match the colours on the rainbow using coloured buttons/gems. This helps them to cement their understanding of colours and develop their pincer grasp picking up the buttons/gems.

Children have continued to used the magneti coloured tiles to construct a variety of structures. Today Lachlan C and Ryan build a house.

During group time Dhwani and Zoe came to the front to sing ‘My Grandfathers cock’. Izzah and Oscar sung ‘Little Cottage in the Woods’ and Silvan, Edward and Joshua sung ‘The Incy WIncy Spider”. This helps them build their confidence and literacy skills.

Spontaneous activities saw the children playing the game ‘what’s the time Mister Wolf’.  Where they use their listening and counting skills. They also take turns and work together, while developing a healthy sense of wellbeing.

‘Play is the answer to how anything new comes about’-Jean Piaget

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