Today the children had a very special visit to the crimson yard. They got to run, jump, hop and skip around the yard. The children use gross motor skills such as large muscles while exploring in the yard.

The sand pit was a hit again today as the children used fine motor skills to dig and pour the sand to and from buckets.

In the Aqua class the sand pit area was also a big hit. The children pushed the cars around the sand and were excited when they saw the marks it made in the sand.

‘’The Wheels’’ they shouted.

Some of the children sang the song ‘’Three little monkeys’’ as they jumped on the balance beam and fell to the ground as they sang it.

We would like to welcome two new friends to Aqua. They have joined us today and already are showing signs of being settled. We would like to say a big hello and welcome to Emmeline and Emily. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your families at BBC.

Emily enjoyed exploring in Aqua but really enjoyed the seesaw with Alexia.

Emmeline enjoyed the balancing beam and the slide. She also explored all area’s in the Aqua room.

What a super fun day at Aqua.

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