It has been a rainy start in Aqua today. The children still got very busy exploring inside. They had lots of fun with Tima in their boats made from boxes. They also made some houses from them an pretended they were the pigs and the big bad wolf was coming. In the kitchen area their was a lovely picnic happing with the babies.

The children then got busy and made some playdough. They wanted to make it blue like the ocean. They rolled the dough and manipulated it to make cakes and snakes.

The children have been learning and exploring all about under the sea with Donna. Each day the children are so engaged as they sit and listen to Donna talk all about what we find in the ocean. They are learning lots new words and exploring different sea creatures daily. Today we got to touch the star fish and read a nice story. The children were so engaged. We then made some fish pictures using our fine motor skills.

With Alejandra the children have been doing some Aboriginal signs with cue tips. They are making the language that the Aboriginal people use to write.

Our new friends are settling well and today Emmeline, Jake and Charlotte had a fun time cooking in the kitchen area for each. It is so nice to see Emmeline making friends already at Aqua.

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