On women’s day, we started our day by painting a beautiful red flower for our grand mom, mum, sister and aunts appreciating their hard work and time they give us. James, Isla and Saige had fun in painting whereas James paint a beautiful rose for his mommy. Furthermore, later, we also created a collage of flowers. Daniel and Henry participated in making collage. The activity promotes children’s creativity also the feeling of love, care and respect.

Outside, Lilly and Adeline pretended taking care of our dinosaur park. They also took care and fed dinosaurs and planned to make them bigger and chubbier. The pretend play enhances children’s language, imagination and their social skills since they will be sharing their thoughts with each other.

During our group time, we talked about Holi, the festival of colours. Liza shared how people in her country celebrates Holi. Children were introduced to colours both in powder and wet form and were encouraged to participate. During Holi, most of the people use water guns and spray on people as a sign of love, fun, friendship. We form bonding and regardless ethnicity, background, colour, everyone can celebrate it too!

We pretended syringes as a water gun and splashed colours on the white paper. Ivaan, Shona Isabelle, Edward and other children enjoyed using our mini water guns and spraying the water colours. Moreover, all children exclaimed Happy Holi and sprayed the water colour. This activity allows children to expose in different culture and respect the each other’s culture and practices (outcome 2).

Children enjoyed playing with numbers and incorporating with pegs. Children were encouraged to count the number of spots and then attach the pegs onto it. This activity develops children’s fine motor skill by picking the pegs as well as their one to one corresponding of counting.

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