Today morning our crimsons were busy in doing different activities like playing with their friends, helping the teachers in setting up the activities and running around the yard to have some fun. Children also did yoga in the morning with Miss Sony. while doing yoga Miss Sony told them how yoga helps them in staying healthy and its importance.


After finishing our morning tea, our children were ready to have their group time with their respective teachers. Miss Gail had set up one activity relating to “Harmony Day”. She asked kids to trace their handprints on papers and colour them. Children used paint brushes and different colours to paint their handprints. Handprint basically symbolises that “everyone belongs “to one community and it shows respect to diversity.

In our group time in Crimson children learnt about different types of germs like virus and bacteria and where they can find them for example hands, mouth, saliva. Miss Helena explained them about the corona virus and told children how to keep themselves safe and healthy. She demonstrated them how to wash their hands with soap as well.

For their better knowledge, Miss Helena did one experiment relating to germs. She put some glitters on children’s hands and asked them to wash their hands with soap so that they can learn about the importance of hand washing.

Miss Sony organised one activity relating to “HARMONY DAY “as well. She asked the children to paint the white paper by using different colours and paint brushes and cut out the traced handprints by using the scissors. This activity helps them to understand the concept of inclusiveness and sense of belonging and community participation. They talked about what they think about the


In the afternoon children went for an outdoor play with their friends to have some physical exercise. They rana, jump, climbed on the spider web rope, played with Legos, blocks as well.

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