This morning started with some of our friends doing Yoga poses with our teacher. The children stretched their bodies and followed Ms Sony. It was a lovely start to our day!

After morning tea, we continued with our Harmony day activities. The different groups engaged in various activities from handprints to making cupcakes. Ms Farzana read an online book ‘’I am an Australian too” by Mem fox. We discussed the different countries that the children came from- India, Pakistan, Switzerland etc. After we did a cutting and sticking paper activity. We used words like inclusion, belonging and diversity to describe Harmony day.

Ms Sony’s activity included the imprints of childrens’ painted hands holding our planet Earth. The children displayed creativity in the process. Ms Gail’s multicultural block area was loved by our children! More handprint painting followed for Harmony day.

Shane and Justin’s experiment today was on how germs could be avoided through washing our hands properly with soap. After, the children made cupcakes taking turns measuring out the ingredients and finally making the icing for the cakes.

Archie was our little helper for lunch. After lunch, the children enjoyed climbing trees, playing on the made seesaw and pretend play outdoors with their friends. Some children engaged in reading and construction with magnetic blocks. Matilda, Mia E and Mia S sunbathed in the lovely sun with their fur babies after putting on sunscreen!

The children enjoyed their Thursday!

Joke of the day: What time is it when the clock strikes 13? Time to get a new clock😊

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