This morning Eleanor built with the wooden magnetic blocks she made two towers, while Archie and Laura built with the marble run and experimented with cause and effect. Matilda and Veronique used their problem skills to complete puzzles, working together.

Harvey, Oscar and Freddy found a small black sack this morning and used their imagination to roll play Santa Claus, they took turns being Santa, waiting for everyone to go to sleep to deliver the presents, Laura too was excited to join in, for Santa.

During morning group time Arturo’s group used their listening skills, and practiced control as they listened for their name and rolled the ball to each other.

Jasmine’s group also practiced their listening skills and used the tapping sticks to tap and sing in time.

We have continued to make our Indian elephants, creating our own patterns, and today we added gemstones.

During science today children experimented with colour mixing and transportation. They also coloured celery today and are awaiting the results. Today with Justin and Shane we also followed up on the experiment from last week (gems and washing hands) and were surprised to see the results from the bread experiment, and how important it is to wash our hands properly.

Today we have read an information booklet called ‘My name is Coronavirus’, which very simply explains how the virus travels, when it visits, what it brings and how you can help (washing hands and hand sanitizers). This also provides the opportunity for children to discuss their feelings when they hear about the virus. Harvey and Oscar showed us how to wash our hands and sing happy birthday.

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