Welcome back to another week at Aqua. The children and parents have been amazing and keeping up with our hand washing procedure as they arrive at BBC. Keep up the good work everyone!!

We had a lovely start to our week with some yoga in the morning to relax our bodies and get our minds ready for the day ahead. The children use cognitive skills by remembering what pose it is that our teacher Alejandra is doing.  After yoga the children explored the activities set out in the morning time for them. Lily, Charlotte and Isabella enjoyed some dress up time.

‘’We are princesses’’ shouted Lily and Charlotte.

Henry and Georgia enjoyed being the babies careers. While Levi and Hamish used fine motor skills to control the thongs and pick the balls up.

We had a lovely group time with Tima and Donna. The children are learning their colors in different language, the days of the week and are starting the alphabet song.

Learning center time the children are starting to explore Easter. With Tima the children used fine motor skills and painted Eggs, Alejandra and her group manipulated glue and pieces of paper to make their eggs. The children are excited about the bunny coming.

Afternoon there was so much exploring happening. Arda, Harvey, Henry and Levi worked together as a team and made the biggest train track for the vehicles to drive around.

Sand dough was a bit hit also, Oscar, Lily and Hamish had so much fun exploring it.

What a fun Monday we had at Aqua.

Stay Safe everyone.

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