Tuesday is here and we’ve been busy once again! Starting our day with group time and yoga, the children were keen to show off their fantastic listening skills and amazing yoga poses.

I don’t know how many times I can tell you just how many benefits yoga has for the children’s development! But there are so many! And not to mention how much they enjoy participating! Today we practised our tree, butterfly and snake poses … ending the session with a group … cuddle(?) with Robyn!

We made some fun arts and crafts today with wooden cars! The children really enjoyed dipping the car into the paint and rolling it across the paper to make tracks!

We’ve been practicing our colours in Emerald today. Red, yellow, blue and green! The children were invited to match the coloured bean bags with the colourful mat outside! This was a fun way to work on language development and understanding of colours!

The children have enjoyed their day drawing, dancing, watering the plants and playing in the sand pit!



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