Monday is here! Welcome back to another exciting week in the Emerald room! This week we will be focusing on all things Easter leading up to the long weekend!

This morning we had group time, where we talked about our weekends, discussed the weather, read books and sang lots of songs! This is a lovely time of the day where the children can focus on their listening skills and language development!

Yoga was lots of fun this morning! The children were eager to get started and move their bodies! We practiced our favourite poses; tree, dog, butterfly and snake – it was perfect for our gross motor skills, balance and coordination!

Today we continued our Easter Bunny craft with pegs and cotton balls! The children really enjoyed this way of painting and were amazed to see the bunny on their papers!

The children love to glue and stick! Today in a big group, we decorated Easter eggs and had so much fun sharing materials!

The Emerald office has been inundated with calls and emails this morning! But we’ve had our little helpers assisting us!

What a lovely day we’ve had in the yard, building towers and playing peek-a-boo! We’ve loved dancing today with our friends and watering our little succulents!

Thanks for a lovely day!


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