Welcome back for another fun day in Aqua. In the morning, it was a raining so the Aqua children explored inside. The children enjoyed some dancing with Rosanna and requested ‘’Let it Go’’ several times. They used some dresses and said they were Elsa.

Henry had fun “turning his face red” with the block, while Adeline did some cooking in the kitchen.

Elis, Georgia, Isla, and Levi had a little meeting together on the mat. It was lovely to watch them smiling and making eye contact with one another.

Oscar used his coordination and fine motor skills to get the string through the holes. He was so proud of himself as he shouted ‘’Look, Donna I did it.” Well done Oscar!  Lily also had a turn of threading.

At group time, we read all our favorite books. We are really enjoying the Easter bunny stories. We hopped like the bunnies as we read ‘’Hop Little Bunnies’’. We were full of smiles!

We continued to engage in alot of art and craft still revolving around Easter. The children enjoyed making their own bunnies with Rosanna and counting eggs with Tima.

Arda and Oscar had some time together while their friends slept. They made a lovely zoo with the animals and blocks. They showed excellent concentration skills as they worked for 40 minutes in order to get the zoo made. Well done boys!

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