It’s Thursday! The end of the week as we get ready for the long Easter weekend.

In our group times today we talked all about Easter, we read books about Easter bunnies and we sang songs about them too! Group time is a lovely way to encourage children’s focus and listening skills, whilst also providing a time to discuss and converse about the world around us!

We’ve gone carrot mad today! The children have each made their own carrots by gluing and sticking, but have also participated in a large group activity to make a HUGE carrot! The children did a great job helping to rip the tissue paper into smaller strips and this was a great chance to work on their fine motor skills too!

Check out these little carrots!

The children have loved talking about eggs too! And it wouldn’t be Easter without eggs!

What a lovely way to finish the week! The children have had a lovely day together, playing in the sand, enjoying the outdoor environment and of course having another mini Easter egg hunt and Easter afternoon tea!



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