Happy Thursday everyone! Today, the children have been having a lot of fun exploring both indoors and outdoors. Isla and Henry enjoyed looking and matching the Peppa Pig cards using their cognitive skills.

Lily and Charlotte are so in love with Elsa and her long hair. They love the pretending to have long hair, asking for a teacher to turn on ‘’Let it Go’’ and dancing. They are very clever as they find ways to make their hair long.  This demonstrates that they can source their own learning.

Sand play was a hit today! The children scooped and poured using hand-eye coordination skills and made different cakes for us!

Kavya enjoyed the Easter rice while Arda, Edward, and Ivaan worked together to make the tracks for the train to go on.

Harvey had some fun with the dinosaurs. He made sounds like ‘’Rrraaaaa’’ as he was pretending they were eating Buzz Lightyear.

Arda and Ivaan still talk about our space adventure at Aqua. They love to make rockets with the magnets. They use hand-eye skills to complete them.

We would like to wish all our Aqua families a big Happy Easter and to stay safe over the long weekend.

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