It’s Tuesday! Welcome back after a lovely Easter weekend, we hope you had a lovely weekend and ate lots of Easter eggs!

We’ve been back at it today, starting with group time and yoga! We started with our favourite books and sang a lot of songs! Everyone’s singing was so good today! They must have been practicing this weekend…

The children had remembered everything and were excited to show off their animal poses! What a lovely time we had together, exercising our gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

Today we have been getting an early start on our Anzac Day arts and crafts! We decorated poppies and medals today. The children had a lot of fun scrunching the tissue paper up with their fingers and sticking it onto their papers!

The children have spent a lot of time outside today, enjoying this lovely weather! We played with cars, built towers, explored the sand pit and played peek-a-boo!

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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