Welcome back for another wonderful fun filled week at BBC. We hope our Aqua families had a lovely weekend. Oscar certainly had a fun one. He camped in his back garden with his family and shared some photos today at group time. He even roasted marshmallows with his big brother Billy.

It was lovely to see Isla’s Mum, who came to visit us with her broken foot. We missed your chats and were happy you came to visit. Get well soon!

The children in Aqua love to learn! They listen so well at group time and are always eager to learn about new topics. As ANZAC         Day is approaching, we talked about remembering the soldiers who fought for Australia many years ago. The children sat on the mat and listened to the story called ‘’Lest We Forget’’. They really enjoyed it and happily asked questions after. Tima then extended the activity and made poppy flowers with rosemary and recycled bottles.  The children really enjoyed this experience.

We also did our yoga class in the morning, which helps us to relax our bodies and minds.

The children explored outdoors as well. Lily, Charlotte and Adeline had their own group time. Harvey and Georgia had fun with the dinosaurs making the ‘’Rawwwwww’’ noises. There was some ball play in the yard. We also spotted siblings in the front garden of 59 and shouted a hello to them from the gate. They had big smiles as their siblings shouted back.

Inside, Levi enjoyed time being the Mommy and minding the bear. He cuddled him, put him to bed, and patted him to sleep.

Magnets are a big hit with Arda, Edward, and Oscar. Throughout the day, they are found making different shapes or rockets with them. It’s nice seeing them share and play as a team together.

Charlie and Levi enjoyed an activity where they had to use the tongs to transfer different coloured balls to different boxes. As we are learning to cut with scissors, this activity will help with building the small muscles used to cut.

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