Today was very sunny and the children were eager to engage in physical activity. In the garden, the balance beam was a big hit. The children used their large leg muscles to walk along the beam. They also place their arms out in the air to aid in their balance as they walk from one end to the other. Some of the children needed a bit of extra help from Jill, who popped in for a visit.

Physical activities promote children’s health. They help the children to builds strong muscles, improve balance, as well as challenge their coordination and improves posture.

Continuing with our ANZAC Day activities, the children listened to a story  about the soldiers. The children then had the opportunity to make their own soldier. They used different shapes to make his/her head and uniform. They then used green paint to color the soldier’s uniform. It was a fun experience and the children were very proud of their pictures.

Arda and Edward really enjoyed the cars today. They pushed them around the sandpit and made sounds that the fire engine makes.

Welcome back to Issac, we missed you! We are happy to see you back and settled. Today, you played with the small vehicles on the mat.

Saige and Elis made a house with the blocks. Isla, Adeline and Charlotte played in the kitchen area with their dolls. Isla cooked dinner for everyone.

Lily brought an Airplane from home as we are sharing objects from home with letter ‘’A’’. Adeline shared herself as her name starts with letter ‘’A’’.

Hamish made lovely poppy flowers for our ANZAC display.

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