Tuesday has arrived! It’s a lovely warm day and we’ve spent most of the day playing outside 🙂

We started with group time, where we read stories and sang lots of nursery rhymes! Everyone did a great job of remembering the words and actions to all their favourite songs – Well done little monkeys!

Our yoga session this morning was fully booked! Everyone wanted to join in today! We got our bodies moving with big gross motor movements and fun animal poses. The children did a fantastic job of remembering all of the poses and had so much fun!

Although today is a warm day, we are coming into autumn! Today the children had lots of fun using a balloon to paint some fabulous autumn leaves! The children really enjoyed using something different to paint with too!

We’ve been saving some leftover veggies from the kitchen for Marshmallow! The children love to interact with our little guinea pig, giving her tasty treats and gentle pats! Lucky old pig 🙂

The Emerald room office was very busy today – lots of phone calls and emails to reply to!

The children have had a lovely day playing together and exploring outdoors and indoors! Today we have played in the sand pit, had ‘dinner’ in the home corner, played with the trains and did the Hokey-Pokey! What a great day 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂


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