Our ANZAC Day celebrations continued today. We used the rosemary in the dough today as well as continued using it in the rice. We have really loved the smell of it.

Amanda read us the book “Digger” today. We learnt about how some soldiers don’t make it home from war as one of the characters in the book didn’t. We also continued with making medals and soldier crafts. We also did some Poppy numeracy activities, where we counted the number of poppies that we put on our paper! We were excited to see some of our art work displayed on the wall!

We had fun playing with the Pirate table and Lego table. We built Lego homes for the squishy aliens and had fun looking for buried treasure on the map.

We also engaged in dramatic play in the trees and the deck. We pretended to go shopping on the deck and were soldiers being brave in the trees!

We also made firefighter paintings with Gail, extending our interest in the essential workers theme. We painted the hoses and the fire it was putting out!

We did some beautiful insect drawings today, built some fun homes out of coloured blocks, creating our own colour wheels, and had fun in the Home Corner.

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