When the children arrived at BBC today, they were super excited as they remembered that we were going to bake ANZAC cookies. First, we sat and read a book called ‘’Anzac Biscuits’’. The older children in Aqua are really enjoying stories about the soldiers. In this book, a daughter baked cookies for her Father who is a soldier. We washed our hands in preparation to make the cookies and gathered all the ingredients. The children named all the ingredients as we put them into the bowl. Each child had the opportunity to make their own cookie. They really enjoyed this activity!

Isla and Hamish playing with the sensory box. We added tongs today, and the children had to use their small muscles to pick the rosemary from the box. Using the tongs will promote strength in their hands!

The Aqua children showed interest in watching the builders yesterday working beside their class. To promote their interest, Tima set up an activity in the garden with small diggers, rollers, trucks and cranes. The children really enjoyed being the builders today.

Harvey sat with Donna to make his own soldier. He looked at a picture and  started to place the shapes in the right position for the head, body, arms and legs. He then was given his helmet and placed it on top of his head. Harvey can clearly recognize his body parts and where they should go.

Some of the children brought objects from home that begin with letter ‘’A’’. Arda brought an apron and shared it with the class. He got so excited when he saw in the story the Mum putting her apron on to bake the cookies for the soldier. ‘’An apron, like mine’’ he said. Lily and Charlotte both brought an apple.

Welcome back to Luca, who has settled back in almost immediately and had fun playing with the small vehicles in the garden!


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